May 01, 2016

Spring is here! We are simply loving the change of season and in Santa Barbara that means tons of nature adventures into wildflower territory and frolicking amidst the greenery. All things new and fresh make us feel like getting out with friends and celebrating the beauty of our natural surroundings.

Here's to friends and the celebration of Spring!

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A great antidote to a long day (or a long week!) is to get outside into the elements. Kick off your shoes if you can and walk barefoot on soft earth, or find a hiking trail and go off the beaten track. Exploring is good for our brains and bodies, and doing it with friends is even better :)

View More: Spring everyone! Wherever you are, we hope you get a chance to take some time to celebrate the transition of the season and revel in all the beauty and new life of this energizing time of year.   Cheers!  xxxo - Drishti

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