May 17, 2016

Yoga is a practice of mindfulness, breath, and self-awareness. It is essentially a practice of self-mastery. For these reasons it is generally considered a solitary practice, even when practicing with others. It is easy to become so focused on your practice that you forget that you are actually in a room full of people! While internal focus is definitely a necessary part of the practice, it can be super fun to intentionally practice WITH other yogis and friends.

We highly recommend practicing with your people!

As the weather warms and the days get longer, we tend to have more energy and desire to be social. Try using some of that extra mojo to get together with other friends who practice and do an off-the-cuff yoga class that is meant to be interactive. Practicing with your people can be an awesome way to get to know your fellow yogi friends better, while doing something active and good for your body, mind and spirit!

Practicing with friends can be all fun and play, or you can can set an intention of having a stronger practice and really trying to support one another to go the next level of your respective practices - whatever that means to you. It may mean helping one another with alignment, holding poses longer and going just an inch deeper. Perhaps you each have a pose that feel really solid for you - try sharing your personal tips for poses that you feel strong in with your friends - a vice versa. This is a great way to learn from someone other than the instructor in a class you go to regulalry. Your yogi friends may be able to offer insight on a pose that you never would have thought of on your own!

So if you don't already - try practicing with your people. You might be surprised by how fun your yogi friends can be :) But however you do it, keep your practice fresh, fun, and exploratory! The key to progressing and learning more is to stay curious, keep trying, and be willing to try something new.

xxxo  -Drishti